The Hotel

Hotel Yacht Club *** is a small hotel of Marciana Marina, one of the most beautiful island of Elba, in the past called "small Marseille".

The Elba Island is an oasis of green and blue in the Tuscan Archipelago: golden beaches overlooking the crystalline sea  granite massifs and blend in a Mediterranean spot among the most beautiful in Tuscany. Elba gives the feeling of many things in one: the sandy beaches and discoglio, the aromas and flavors of good food and good wine, the villages perched on the mountains, the terraces overlooking the sea.

The Hotel is located at the end of the quaint waterfront, right next to the ancient Tower of the Appiani, built to defend the town from pirates, now a bastion equipped marina where boaters can find mooring for their boats and many services of marine assistance.

The Yacht Club with 23 double or triple rooms and 3 suites, composed of a double bedroom and a living room with sofa bed, offers guests overnight and rich breakfast buffet in the summer and in the months when the island gives the best, the spring and early autumn.

A sunny porch welcomes guests for breakfast and for an aperitif before dinner.

Next to the hotel there are some free public parking. For those who have the need for a garage the hotel has some box for a fee. In this case ask the reception.

Located a few meters away from a small white pebble beach with beautiful crystal clear water at the foot of the green slopes of Mount Capanne, the Hotel offers itself as a starting point for all kinds of excursions, walking, cycling, boat. 

The Yacht Club Hotel is a haven for those who want to visit a pearl like Marciana Marina, but also for those who want adventure, whether by bike, boat, kayak. or walk.

Hotel Yacht Club - hotel Sea Friendly

Elba seems to be born to offer to those who love sailing all he wants... encloses an extraordinary variety of landscapes and environments , is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, the third largest island of Italy and has a coastline of 147 km. The coasts are jagged and alternate small coves, beaches, bays and cliffs overlooking the sea .Surfing off the coast of the island of Elba is a continuous discovery ... The sea changes color in every inlet, now shattered on white cliffs laps or large golden sand, later embraces beaches of white gravel.

Navigation procures strong emotions with gentle winds, with beautiful landscapes , with depths pulsing with life ... you can navigate around the island sailing, motor... or even in a very special way: by kayak or canoe. If you want to know more go to our page dedicated to kayaking and canoeing... and discover a new way to navigate!

The coast of the island of Elba is also dotted with numerous ports and marinas public and private, with first-class services and technologies, of nautical centers equipped for the rental of sailing yachts and sailing schools conducted by old wolves sea​​.

Hotel Yacht Club is a friend of Vela, sailors and all the navigators of the sea ! Here you can find useful tips, conventions, and how much help you need to organize your boat trips around the island. Go to the page of Shore Excursions for all the information about it

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Hotel Yacht Club - hotel Bike Friendly

A great way to get around the island of Elba is the bicycle, thanks to its beautiful coastline and its hinterland woodland. You can enjoy the view of the landscape, visiting a village or a farm stopping safely, attravere a forest, stop in a lonely cove... All without haste, without stress and in perfect harmony with the environment.

You can "ride" throughout the year: spring is an extraordinary moment, temperatures invite to a holiday of movement, autumn gives cool days after the summer heat, the air is clear and crystalline and nature explodes with color before winter hibernation. In summer the island's beauty is breathtaking, and it will also allow you to make large tracts forest "rides" the shade and cool.

The island has an incredible network of trails for road racers looking for more technical routes for their training, trails and dirt roads for bikers to have fun on, accessible routes for families with children who need safe and relaxing routes. In a nutshell, cyclists who ride a little bit everywhere and who do not shy away from their pit stops in coffee shops and tavern. The Capoliveri Bike Park with more than 100 km of roads and biking trails is a must for all cyclists. The rest of the island has spectacular cycling roads for bike lovers, that flutter between waves and clouds and give us enjoyable and technically interesting cycling trails. The altimeter is extremely varied and the trails are always unpredictable.

Hotel Yacht Club is a friend of the bicycle and is a point of origin and destination ideal for suggestive rides to explore the island. We provide our guests with electric bicycles. We also have a garage equipped with everything you need for hospitalization and bicycle repair: all free of charge to our customers.

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Hotel Yacht Club - hotel Pet Friendly

cane albergo

In our Hotel pets are welcome!

We accept cats and dogs, until the average size. We offer to those who want the bowls for food ( so you do not have portarvele from home ) and lots of cuddles!

To come Elba is not required vaccination, and is allowed to bring your dog on the beach . The Region of Tuscany was among the first regions in Italy to adopt legislation to protect animals. It is allowed to bring their pet to the beach without problems. And it is forbidden only access areas for children, or in a place intended for specific purposes, as long as signaled by the sign. However, remember to take with you on a leash and muzzle... the rules given to pets by Italian law also apply here.

Only animals in accordance with the rules laid down in the hygiene regulations and current legislation will have access to the hotel, all evidenced by the animal health records or documents (copy or original ).

Obviously, we should remember that the master is responsible for what he does your pet, therefore we recommend in any case to pay attention and never leave unattended your pets.